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Bought ROKU $400 Calls
2/18/2022 Exp, Opening
People should not copy me on this one. Roku earnings are tomorrow and I’m playing with house money. Roku keeps beating earnings and so I’m speculating that they do so again. But they’ve also been spending more on marketing this last quarter which is a bit new for them, and so we’re not sure how effective the extra spending will be. Could turn out poorly. You never know. I believe Roku is oversold in general, but buying options right before earnings is a true gamble. Buyer beware :)
Update on the February Calls I bought for Roku back on 11/2:

They're up 254% today on the news of Youtube staying on Roku.

But overall they're down 67%...

A learning: Timing is important in options. And timing is hard 😵‍💫🙃

This is why I generally have the opinion that 'timing is gambling.'

Options are a great tool but you should be sure to have more of a thesis than simply "I'm gambling here" (or keep your position size very small) by @nathanworden
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👀 interesting.. ROKU down almost 30% in the past 3 months. oversold?
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@olympia yep oversold- but this particular trade is a bet that they beat on earnings tomorrow. The Feb 2022 date is to buy me extra time if earnings tank.
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