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Buyer of the dip unless it doesn’t bounce. :)
$SQ is very attractive at this price
Deutsche Bank, KeyBanc and RBC all increased their position in the stock before earnings. Go figure the stock hops on earnings. It was a rewarding day to buy pre-earnings. I’m not a big fan that credit karma transferred to cash app to do taxes so I wonder if cash app will benefit from that.
Especially in socal where I hail from. Home values out here have me struggling! I’m sitting around 40% income toward housing 💀
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$SKLZ An example of too much entertainment
When every company wants to have a streaming service in order to compete with cable they find themselves lacking rights to stream anything because studios and streaming giants hold a monopoly on those rights. Survival of the fattest (more content means higher likelihood to survive).
$SPT locked and loaded
I love $SPT stock so much I decided to buy at this level. I’m glad it came back down because I was hoping to buy while it was still too rich for my wallet. At this level, after positive earnings and revenue it is the second juiciest stock in my portfolio after $UPST
Thank you for sharing.

I am aware that $SPT provides intelligence tools for brands and agencies alike to manage conversations and surface the actionable insights that drive business impact.

Could you share how you came across the stock and what sparked your initial interest? Also would be great to know if you think there are other noteworthy players in this space.
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$SOFI downgrade and Acquisition
Anybody who own $SOFI wonder about why Goldman Sachs would downgrade the stock after their acquisition increases their ability to increase revenue? I will be buying this stock after hype cools today because it is cheap. I understand that the lending and trading sector is very competitive but I think for the price it is worth it. Does anyone think the stock is still expensive compared to their ability to generate cash?
imo about 100x forward EBITDA and 10x forward sales is extremely expensive, especially for the industry they operate in.
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Store Brands
After visiting the grocery store I’ve noticed that prestigious brands are delaying compared to store brands. Big retailers like Walmart, Target and Kroger have better logistics compared to the other brands they carry and may benefit from always having store brands available. I’ve never traded the retail sector but I’m definitely giving the sector another look now that their shelves are looking empty. Earnings are going to look ugly for $WMT $TGT $KR
Anyone else shocked for green portfolio?
After all the bad news I was expecting a really bad day for stocks today but they’re mostly green. Are they falling knives at this point or are they bargains?