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Portfolio Reflection
Like many of us, I suspect, I have reflected on my portfolio management over the past year. My PA is down around 24% YTD, which is far from ideal. However, it could be much worse.

I've made many mistakes, of that there is no question. However, I have also learned some valuable lessons. This isn't to say that these should be followed by anyone or everyone, as we all manage our portfolios differently, but here are some principles that I plan on following.

  • I've always been quite 'gung-ho' with position sizing; once I decide something is a good idea, I struggle to exercise restraint and slowly build a position and instead reach a full position in a number of weeks. This has undoubtedly cost me gains over the past year.

  • Following on from my first point, in the future, I plan to let position sizes build themselves, lowering my maximum cost basis to 15%

  • Options are difficult; despite having much success on the short side, I've set tighter boundaries for losses and gains after some costly errors. Timing is critical to options; in the future, I will be happy to pay a higher premium in exchange for extra time. I think @investing can testify to this.

It's not all doom and gloom! I've highlighted some ways I plan to refine my process, but in general, I'm pretty comfortable with my PA. Looking at the stocks and valuations in my portfolio, I'm excited to see how it performs over the coming months and years.

Stay positive troops, this will pass.
$FB Earnings
Things to watch for;
  • DAU/MAU - has dau decline continued? If so is it emerging markets?
  • Monetisation - impact of reels? WhatsApp monetisation?
  • Increased buybacks?
  • Metaverse spending?
Most interested to hear how Reels and IDFA stuff is getting on.

Would hope they slammed the pedal on buybacks, if they were buying so much in the $300s....

Metaverse spend is already fairly well established for this year, but commentary on the future will surely sink the stock for giggles.

DAU/MAU, more hyperbole to ensue if it falls.
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Portfolio Update
Fully out of $TWTR as of this evening. A somewhat disappointing final chapter in the thesis for me. Even 3/4 months ago, when product velocity was noticeably hot, I felt confident of the large stake that the blue bird held in my PA. Admittedly, the last month or two has been disappointing with little noticeable updates or beta testing.

However, things will likely be exciting under Elon and deploying my 13% allocation elsewhere is nice. So far I’ve added to $MITK, $GOOG, $ADSK and $PENN.

Really like Mitek here, see it as undervalued and recession proof with attractive top and bottom line growth. Currently 17% of my pa and plan to let this run over the coming years