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Hello! Im a mostly buy and hold dividend focused guy but dont give up on the idea of having some wild cards that can compound or give a quick big return.
Cryptocurrency platforms
Hello guys! I’m curious, do you invest/hold cryptocurrencies? I have some $ETH $BTC $XRP and some smallest ones, I use Coinbase, Celsius (for staking and earning return) and Crypto.com (for a Visa card with cashback )
Would love to heard your opinions and happy to tell you more if you are interested
Pershing Square Holdings Ltd new dividend policy?
Hello! Any big fans of Bill Ackman in the room? I own PSH.AS in my portfolio in small % due to the fact that I like what he does and do invest in things that me the regular investor
is not able to do/has the knowledge to do, investing in CDS, IRS and other
insurance hedges as he calls it.
Of course, come with a price of 16% performance fee but like to have this exposure
to other market opportunities.
I’m curious what will happen with Pershing Square Tontine Holdings, Ltd. if they manage to find a merger target
or will return the money.
His Annual report and investors call are always a nice read/listen and I did notice something in this year annual report. I like that they pay dividend (I know, maybe he will use the capital better in the fund, but I like to have income) and this year they have changed their dividend policy so that would make it growing dividend (hopefully) as the NAV value increase, with a max of 25% yearly increase and no decline in dividend.
​from the annual report:
“The Company’s intended policy in future years will
be to pay quarterly dividends in an amount determined
by multiplying the average PSH NAV of all trading days
in December of the prior year by 0.25%, subject to a cap
whereby the total dividend for the year is not to exceed
125% of the average total dividend paid in each of the
previous three years so that PSH does not make an excess
distribution under the PFIC rules. Once the dividend is set
for a specific year, the Company does not intend to decrease
it from that level even in the event that NAV were to decline
in a future year “
I'm a huge fan of PSH and I look forward to seeing v3 of Bill Ackman. The fees are potentially very hefty but it is our biggest holding outside of my commonstock portfolio.
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Just added to my watchlist my portfolio holdings. The european companies that appear are usually hold in the local EU stock market. There were a few positions that I could not find.
-Investors AB INVE-A.ST (from Swedeen)
-Fastned FAST.AM (From Netherlands)
-Logista LOG.MC (From Spain)
-Viscofan VIS.MC (From Spain)
No threats here ehh?.
I like this
Love that you sense the positive vibe 😍

People make threats when they feel threatened.
Hopefully we’re building a space here at Commonstock where the default culture is constructive disagreement.
Everyone invests differently, so there will always be differences of opinion. But the vibe has to be one of kindness and collaboration. That’s when disagreements turn into a super power, because people are receptive to learning, instead of feeling threatened.
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$AXP American Express
Hello a new investor here, trying to figure out CS. I have a question, I dont find a lot of analysis on Amex, being such a popular brand. Any link to good analysis? How do you see the company value right now?

My thinking:
  • Should be value more like a bank rather than comparing with $V or $MA
  • Forward PE seems “low” versus current overall market multiple
  • For a bank a good multiple is P/book value; in $AXP p/book value is high compare to most of the banks
  • Last year results include one offs: reversion of provision for credit losses
  • Dividend yield: almost in line with historical yield
  • Future growth: I see the moat and despite not being accepted everywhere, target the luxury segment and can see it growing at +10% a year

Thank you all