Why hasn't Michael Saylor of $MSTR bought the dip in $BTC.X recently?
Seeing Michael Saylor as a major fan of Bitcoin, I'd assume he'd be buying more Bitcoin as the price of it is below $30K. Since he has bought the majority of his Bitcoin above the $30K price range, I'd think he'd want to buy more at these lower prices.

Some would say that maybe he doesn't have the cash to buy the dip. If that's the case, he can buy more Bitcoin using debt. He already raised junk bonds and got a loan from $SI to buy more $BTC.X. According to the $MSTR bulls, the company has produced positive cash flow and because of it, the business isn't "burning cash" and can easily provide more collateral to avoid a margin call.

Could it be that he could be selling his Bitcoin in secret? Could it be that the company is so worried about getting a margin call on their leveraged Bitcoin purchases that they would prefer to keep the cash and use it as collateral when needed? Has the crypto bear market shaken his faith in Bitcoin?
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I mean they are already levered up their ass, aren't they? 30 times EBITDA/Debt.
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@stonkmetal I believe so. And they even had their Bitcoin holdings as collateral for another loan to buy more Bitcoin.
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What if CryptoWhale is putting this article out in the public so everybody dumps their bitcoin to drive the price down lower so he can buy them cheaper?

What if CryptoWhale is actually Michael Saylor?

All jokes aside, If this is in fact true about Saylor, I am sure it won't sit well as it sweeps the crypto world. I know he has quite a large following. It seems strange to completely flip on his stance...
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@acb123 Saylor has a history of fraud. It wouldn't be surprising if he does it again.
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@dissectmarkets This is true. I am curious to see how this plays out. Do you think it would have a huge impact on the pricing of $BTC.X if he is, in fact, back to his fraudulent ways?
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@acb123 I believe yes