Adobe Experience Cloud
FC Bayern München partners with $ADBE to further digitalize its business processes and fan experience. While this deal won’t significantly move the needle for Adobe, it’s nonetheless interesting to take a look at what they are partnering on: Adobe Experience Cloud.

Adobe Experience Cloud is a collection of integrated online marketing and web analytics products by Adobe. It contains tools like Advertising Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Magento Commerce Cloud. Basically everything a business needs to run its marketing efforts including digital marketing analytics, campaign management, and customer engagement.

On the balance sheet, Adobe Experience Cloud is reported under the Digital Experience segment which generates 25% of revenues and is growing by +17% YoY. Adobe initially built up this segment by smart acquisitions and later achieved organic growth through further product developments.

Adobe has built a comprehensive marketing platform in a highly competitive digital marketing environment. Marketing professionals are flocking to its platform given Adobe’s decades-long experience in the digital space. There are significant switching costs to leaving the platform, especially given the breadth of solutions the company has to offer.

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