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Disney is going to keep doubling down on LGBTQ+ agenda items

Disney is doubling down and supporting LGBTQ+ a lot. Disney is gonna be in the heat for a while
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I gather people maybe have difference views on the matter, so want to tread carefully.

But I don’t see the issue in being inclusive. The world looks like this, these varieties of ethnicities, sexual preferences, identities all exist in the real world, so they should in cinema too, no?
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@investmenttalk no yeah I agree. Everyone may have a different view but everyone should truly believe open to everyone no matter what. I have no problem with what Disney is doing. Glad they are actually taking a stand. They are killing Chapek for doing it but I don’t care how political it could be, everyone deserves to be who they truly are and feel welcomed and wanted. More people need to be inclusive to everyone in the world and that’s what Disney is trying to do
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@christian7621 Beautifully said.
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The problem only becomes a problem is when you over do anything, hopefully Disney can find good balance but as said, can’t really please everyone
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@from100kto1m your right hopefully they can find a balance to make everyone happy but you can’t really please everyone like you said. I’ve never seen people calling for a CEO more than Chapek and honestly I wish I had enough shares to have a voice lol. Cause legit every single thing I have seen from him as been perfect
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You know how it went with $NFLX
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It sounds very cute. Can't wait for it to...come out :)