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My Investment Thesis
I feel like alot of people can get caught up in chasing the newest and greatest stock. A lot of people talk about conviction but few truly have it. Most people should have a small concentrated portfolio in high conviction names and that’s what I try to do.
You need to buy companies you like the CEO in and have done diligence and can explain the company. If it dips buy it and block out the noise. Know what you own and block out the noise. That’s the key to beating the market. When people are talking bad about a stock have you done your research and have you put in the time to say f*** you I know what I own that’s how the rich keep getting richer.
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I own too many stocks myself, it’s way too easy to chase the newest shiny thing
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@fatbaby I never wanted to tell you that but I agree lol. I fill like you personally would be so much better in a concentrated portfolio. This is truly how I think
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Agree on the CEO aspect, it's very overlooked sometimes. Always good to understand the management, dynamics, and culture of a company that you are interested in investing in.
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@alex18 yep 100 percent exactly what you said. It’s a big thing for me. I have to trust in the CEO to understand in the company and their mission. For example I refuse to touch square no matter how much I like parts of the company because I can’t stand jack.
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Think for yourself an you will find your way!
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That's exactly the reason I bought AAPL in 2003 had a 47,000+% gain, and now 32,000+% but the dividends made the cost $0.00. Same reason I didn't invest in REV even though it's been moving up big this week, if they were any good, they wouldn't need bankruptcy protection!
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I’m in the boat of having too many holdings… but the way things are going maybe a lot of them will go out of business and my problem will be taken care of for me 😆🙃🫠
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@nathanworden lol that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard today. It don’t work for everyone. Some people like to have a big portfolio. I find myself truly interested in keeping my portfolio small because I truly like to know and verify what I am holding. I like to study the companies I am in religious and if it’s too much I lose my mind lol. Only serious companies I’m considering of adding to my 8 are PYPL and CRM but I need to understand both businesses way more before I do probably will take me a year before I add to those. Your 100 percent right just looking at your portfolio I see a lot of names that might go outta business 😂😂😂😂 kidding
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The basis of everything is good research. Without it you can't stand a bear market because you have no conviction.
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@rihardjarc 100 percent agree. Research builds conviction and alot of people don't research enough what they own
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@christian7621 even if they research it's not real research because they already have an opinion build before they research. That is also a mistake a lot of investors make. Build opinions after research not before or it can cloud your judgment.