Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’: The Dubbing Strategy to Go Global

The global film dubbing market is expected to hit 3.6B$ by 2027.

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This really surprises me! I much prefer having subtitles than dubbed content.

Dubbed content breaks the immersion. Consider being on a video call with some latency, where the persons speech doesn't match their lip movements. For me, it really ruins the experience.

Dubs struggle to live up the situational tension and emotion. I feel that when voice actors are not in the same situation, on the same set, in the same mindset, some of the power of the delivery is lost.

You can often make a pretty good guess as to how a person's voice will sound from how they look. I'm sure they do the best job they can to match the voices well but even a slight variation in pitch lessens the connection you feel to the character.

The amount lost in translation can be incredible. I've read and heard of a lot of discord about Squid Game in particular where the dubbed speech has been cut short because the English spoken word takes much longer than the native language for the same phrase.

Do you know how many more people watched the dub than the sub? I hope the percentage of subtitled watchers is significant enough for them not to consider removing the option going forward.
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@tecantra I agree 100%
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I feel you @tecantra. I don't see them removing the subtitles option, but dubbing seems to attract more people. If you check the video, you will see how advanced the AI for dubbed content already is.
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Any global tickers from this insight? As I understand all dubbing companies are local.



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