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August Portfolio Update
Didn’t tinker too much in the month of July. I did sell out of $WBD and consolidate into a few of my top picks.
I’m a bit overweight on $SDIG from where I’d like to be after the company spiked up 100% in the last two weeks, so I’ll likely trim and use that capital to add to $SNOW and $SLDP.
This week I’m watching $TWLO earnings because I think investor sentiment has hit rock bottom, and as they move to profitability there’s an opportunity to capitalize on sentiment shift - assuming that they report some positives.
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Sensing a sentiment shift (if done correctly) is one of my favorite investing catalysts. There’s something deeply fulfilling about predicting how people will view a company differently. Good luck on Twilio!
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For SDIG that is Stronghold Digital Mining? What is the thesis there? Bitcoin mining that runs on green energy?
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@nathanworden yup, the high level summary is they’re primarily an energy company, with their core competency being the operation of coal refuse reclamation power plants. It just so happens Bitcoin is currently the best use of that energy, so they own and operate (or JV) data centers for mining purposes. When $SDIG was around $2.00 I put this piece out - https://commonstock.com/post/f46f364b-a9f3-417a-9106-aa37f075d7ed
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@wjared I don’t know how I missed this— thanks for the re-share :)
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@nathanworden can’t believe I got one past you
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Love the mix here.