Crypto Mining Companies
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone invests in individual crypto mining companies and what one(s) you like best. I have done only a little research, but I think $HUT is interesting, but wanted to hear from others as well. Thanks!
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check out Cipher Mining $CIFR - very good CEO - did a SPAC a while back. Don't really know the investment case, but management is good FWIW.
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Welcome to Commonstock :)
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I have come across them recently because I’m always scanning for public opportunities in the crypto space, outside of my $COIN position. I decided against the mining companies, for similar reasons to why I don’t mine personally. Haven’t hear it mentioned anywhere, but what are they going to do when there is no more Bitcoin to mine? Only 21 million will ever be minted, we’re a over 18 million now. Supposed to take til like 2040 or something crazy to mint them all, but if it’s long-term & not a swing/contrarian trade, I want something with more long-term surety than what I feel these mining companies offer.

And welcome to Common Stock! Stoked to have another crypto person🤣
@wall_street_deebo from what I’ve read (and maybe I misunderstood it), with $HUT for example, they actually mine ETH but then convert it to bitcoin