Strategy Update
Going to limit myself to 1 open trade for now, until I have gauged $SPY in a weekly up trend. I love this new era of commission free trading ! :)
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I do pretty much the exact opposite of what all the TA folks or traders recommend. It’s just different philosophies. Buffet taught me to accumulate while prices were down, but traders wait to see an uptrend to buy. As long as people understand which game they’re playing, it’s all good.
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Oooh you holding an ETN; I haven’t messed with this since the 3x leveraged oil and real estate notes I used to collect fat dividends from. Luckily sold those ~$18 before the crash and burn. Learned a lot about speculation, gambling, and risk, but it was a gravy train for monthly dividends for a while. I was a little more reckless back then🤣
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@wall_street_deebo Yes, but I only trade non leveraged products.
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If you are a #DayTrader or #SwingTrader, this makes sense, for #long term doesn't as businesses in different verticals perform differently
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@wearedaytraders Well not sure I agree in this NEW era of commission free trading. I would argue that fundamental analysis would ignore everything I think, do and say though.