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Conviction can be compartmentalized.

It can be:

• A visionary founder/CEO.

• An industry you deeply believe in.

• Brand recognition and leadership.

• A long-term record of success.

Study what resonates with you
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I would put Coursera $COUR in the '2 of 4' bucket.

✅ Industry I believe in (education tech)
✅ Brand recognition (both their brand and the 200+ leading universities they collaborate with.)
🚫 Visionary founder (Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller aren't involved anymore)
🚫 Long term record of success (EduTech still needs a breakout moment. Online courses have very low completion rates between 4-10%, and career prospectives aren't definitely improved by the offerings now.)
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@crosswindcapOctober 13
@josiahracklin I love COUR, wrote an article on it a while back.

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Often having only 2 of the 4 of the above is actually a good sign, (for an investor at least). If a company has all four of the above, it's probably already been discovered by most other investors.



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