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What type of investor are you?
After talking to @investorinsight and looking into my own investment psychology I realize that I am a panic buyer. I really struggle to accumulate/hold cash and its actually easier for me to stomach a drop 📉 after I added to a position than a run 📈 after I decided to hold on to cash.
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Its better to be a panic buyer than a panic seller :)
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I prefer to add after a strong earnings report, rather than add because the price has fallen, but I'll go both ways.
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conviction is your best friend right now
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I’ll add to my highest rated position once I hit my target cash percent. Doesn’t matter if we are up or down in the markets. It has worked decently well so far. Hopefully that continues 😅
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i‘m definitely the panic buyer. Once i‘m really deep into a company and like it i often want to be a part of this company. But sometimes some patience would be better
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@mavix Same here man trying be more patient during these times
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Depends on my mood tbh. Trying to work on my top-down skillset at the current moment