What to buy?
I know there is a lot of companies on trading at a discount right now, this is making it hard to choose. What are the top 3 stocks you will buy or are buying right now and why?
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Would recommend you wait a little to see how inflations number improve in June to get good entry points
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@goldenlacllc solid advice, no need to rush do more research
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I’m focusing on a more technical method to buy (stage analysis - minervini, Weinstein & O’Neill based) so right now I’m not buying anything for any longer term position trade. I will buy when I see a strong setup and emergence of a leader. That will likely be after we bottom out and I may make my first buy significantly higher than the low price of whatever stocks setup.
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Greggs PLC - inflation protection, somewhat inelastic good compared to more discretionary items.
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It would be nice to have more opinions