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New Allterco product presented at CES
Allterco $A4L brand Shelly released some new products at the CES 2023 and some more news about the Qubino acquisition & the new app.

You can watch the complete presentation on youtube, but i will summarize the most important news below.

Shelly Wall Display
  • Innovative ON/OFF relay touch control (patent pending) - this is really cool, you can use the display like a normal lightning switch by just fast clicking it. Look at the video (40:35)

  • Full shelly cloud integration
  • temperature / humidity sensor integrated

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Shelly Blu Button
  • First device of new Bluetooth line
  • signals other Shelly devices to execute pre-set actions
  • control of multiple devices & actions possible
  • encrypted communication
  • extremely low battery consumption
  • much thinner than „normal“ shelly button

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Shelly Plus Smoke
  • Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm with Sound & Light indications & mobile notifications
  • embedded webhooks for pre-set smart scenes execution like turning all lights on, open all blinds, cut power to all appliances etc.

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Shelly Plus Plug
  • next generation Wi-Fi smart plug
  • 3 LED indication modes for maximum control - Power consumption (low/green, middle/yellow, high/red), Switch state (on/green, off/red) or completely off
  • Wi-Fi extender & Bluetooth gateway
  • adj. night mode
  • scripting

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Shelly Pro 3EM
  • Next-generation DIN-mountable 3-Phase Energy Meter
  • measures imported & exported energies
  • 1% accuracy
  • scripting
  • triggering smart scenes
  • controlled locally or over cloud
  • internal storage of 60 days historical data

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New App (Feb. 2023)
  • better overview & usability
  • customizable dashboards
  • better visualization of energy consumption & data
  • Wall mode: optimization to control your home with tablet
  • you can easily see how much energy a device consumes and how much it costs you

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Qubino acquisition
  • Z-Wave brand Qubino is now officially part of shelly, adding a new technology to the portfolio
  • Business customers asked shelly if they support Z-Wave
  • New Z-Wave line that allows to mix with Shelly devices coming soon

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  • matter is a new IoT transmission standart, supported by Amazon, Apple, Comcast, Google etc
  • Shelly Plus and Pro devices will be Matter-compatible by the end of H1 2023
  • also all of the new devices presented will support it

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CES Innovation Award
The Shelly Motion 2 next generation Wi-Fi motion sensor has won the CES Innovation Award 2023 in the product category Smart Home.
It senses motions under 200 milliseconds and immediately triggers an action, like turning on the lights or opening automated blinds.

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If you want to know more about Allterco as an investment, here is my write-up:

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