I’m getting back in the market, after moving almost everything into cash.
Sold almost everything last Jan. Now I’m getting back into the market this week, about 6 weeks earlier than I’d anticipated. Recent economic data has showed the west is doing better than anticipated and interest rate hikes may not need to go much further.

A number of stocks that I think offer some great long-term value:

$GS 20% (I’ve wanted to get some Goldman for years, but never took the plunge. The smartest guys in the room and making big cuts to help their figures this year. Ruthless MFs. )
$MSFT 20% (Should have bought back in 17/18 after seeing their AI in action on Twitter. Shit was wild back then and now, with money behind ChatGPT, and a pretty resilient portfolio, they’re gonna dominate over the next decade.)
$NFLX 20% (Was oversold and has come back strongly. They’re cancelling the crap and I’m expecting their profits to only get better once advertising gets on board. Mind you, massive risk with the password sharing.)
$PLTR 20% (When these guys get positive net income, shit is going to the moon and in 20 years I’m gonna look like a genius or a total idiot.)


Looking at $DDOG next.
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Nice to see you back!
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Always good to be reactive if you have a plan in place.
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Boy am I glad I didn’t buy $GS today though 😅




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