Time for a break with the Weekend Edition # 16 🙂

This week...
- Market Recap - No one blinked!
- Macro - Tapering & Emerging Markets
- Earnings - Corteva, Simon Property, Square, Martin Marietta, Travel Stocks
- Around the Markets - Pfizer, Square, Rivian IPO


Nathan Worden's avatar
Opening up the CashApp to teenagers is interesting- I was under the impression they (18+) were already using it anyway.

But this is still a seismic shift from a generation ago, since the CashApp is becoming a de facto bank account.

If you are 13 and you have the cash app, there’s a chance you’ll never even think to open an account at Wells Fargo or Chase because everything you need will be provided through the CashApp.

Long term bullish on Square still, despite the short term decline in CashApp profits.
Ayesha Tariq, CFA's avatar
@nathanworden absolutely so. Most kids will not even consider a regular bank after this.



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