I just saw this tweet from a guy I respect a lot: twitter.com/yliownyc/statu...

Who am I to disagree with him, but when he says "less than 1-2 years don't even bother thinking abt it" ("it" being the management), I'm not sure I agree/understand. Especially in the microcap arena.

What do y'all think? Is quality of management an important criteria for you irrelevant of time horizon, or do you only consider it for long-term investments?
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It all depends. Some plays that are 1-3 years might not fully rely on management but catalyst being an event that get stock re related with our any intrinsic change so to use @investmenttalk Conor’s example $MGM or for me $FF didn’t really need management but time

for company like $IAC or $OZK management is everything for a success of long term because when you know management will do the right thing it is easier to hold later on during turbulent times
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Love this guy, just watched his presentation at MicroCap Summit.

I would agree here mostly, but depends on the bet you are making. With positions like $MGM that I took back in April 2020, I probably spent the least time on management. My plan was to sell in 2-3Y, but price action recovered way sooner than I planned, and sold within 12 months for over 100% return.



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