Hello, I'm a growth investor focused on a handful amount of companies I think will help drive the future and allow me to retire.

I'm currently covering $TSLA $SE $RBLX $FVRR $U $PLTR and $NET.
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Hey Samuel! What is your reasoning for this collection of companies?
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A large portion of this collection is just that this is the kind of innovation I personally understand pretty well, and I see a lot of these companies capitalizing on the growth of a lot of trends in human behavior and technology. So when I'm investing in companies I like to understand them, understand their opportunity, their management, and everything associated with it. And I found all of these fit in my expectations of such a selection :)

Absolutely there are trends such as iBuying or Telemedicine, Synthetic Biology, ... but I'm not confident investing in fields I don't truly understand :D
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@samlikesstocks following human behavior is always a smart idea! Have you read Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman? I think you’ll find it interesting if you haven’t!
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No, I didn't. I may check it out when I'll have some more free time. Thanks for your suggestion!
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I see you added $FVRR to the portfolio after our conversation. Nice :D
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hell yeah. there's a lot to like with Fiverr and I'm glad I got into it at such a lucrative price :)
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Hey Samuel, welcome. Followed :)
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Thank you! <3
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Welcome Sam. So great to see you here as well. 👊🏼



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