Curious to see how much you invest annually. I am personally in the over 25% category right now. My plan is to invest as much as possible in my 20s then scale back my investments in my 30s - 40s to provide a high quality of life for my family.
How Much of your salary/pay do you invest annually?
9%Under 10%
63%Over 25%
11 VotesPoll ended on: 05/13/22
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About 50% of post-tax earnings give or take
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@investmenttalk That's incredible, Conor!
10%pre 15% post not counting covered call income that will eventually be invested.
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@surfngolf Covered calls are one of the many stock market wealth hacks. Happy to see you utilizing those (especially if you learned them from my stream).
@investorinsight definitely learned from stream and will be a life long practice.
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I’m at about 33% of net income on average, I’m lucky enough to work in an income tax free country so that’s awesome.
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@hag Congrats! That's an incredible percentage.
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I’m now going to go research covered calls 🤔
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@hag You are welcome to send me a DM with any questions.

I am working on a selling options educational guide currently, but its not done just yet.
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@investorinsight thanks Preston, very kind of you and best of luck with the educational guide.
@hag good way to get some more powder to invest.
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Full throttle.
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@acb123 Thats an incredible number! Keep it up but dont forget to enjoy life some as well haha.
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Would be interesting to break this down by age bracket as well
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@alex18 Great idea for another poll.
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50% post-tax for me! I keep my expenses as low as possible and am very cost conscious. (aka I'm cheap) I only buy downward trending stocks 😄
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@jensen Wow, impressive! Seems like every stock is down-trending now haha.