Stock Overview: $MITK
Mitek Systems, Inc. $MITK develops, markets, and sells mobile image capture and digital identity verification solutions in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and internationally. The company’s solutions are embedded in native mobile apps and web browsers to facilitate digital consumer experiences. 99 of the largest 100 US commercial banks use Mitek's check deposit software. This gives them an extremely strong customer base while they transfer more into focusing on ID verification.

  • DCF Base Case PT: 22.00
  • 17.5x EBITDA multiple
  • 3.0% PGR
  • 9.39% WACC
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I love Mitek as well. I pitched them in the stock pitching game and wrote about them here
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Hi @thistimeitsdiff, do you own any $MITK? Also, welcome to Commonstock!!