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$LKQ Corporation Announces $500 Million Increase in Stock Repurchase Program; total authorized now $2.5 Billion through October 2024

Varun Laroyia, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of LKQ Corporation, stated: “The strength of the balance sheet and our expectations for continued free cash flow generation have the Company well positioned to execute on the expanded stock repurchase program. The strong financial metrics and the expansion of this program further validate our commitment to a disciplined capital allocation strategy that balances returning capital to our stockholders and investing in the continued growth of the Company.”
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How do you think $LKQ might fare in a recession? Or could it thrive in any kind of economy?
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@tomato that’s a great question and one I’m looking (but not looking forward to lol) to find out so far with the shortages of some materials they been able to navigate through problems that I thought they can’t. I think due to their size and discipline they will come survive and will strive. Will they? Idk but it feels like a different company then before (in a good sense) less about growth at all cost and more of a quality . People will drive cars, people will get in accidents/ cars will wore out, people will need to fix those cars with genuine or cheaper parts. $LKQ will be there for their requests.

PS I like their new updated website (just few weeks ago it wasn’t the same )