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Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Doubles Short Positions Against European Stocks
Bridgewater Associates is short against 28 European stocks resulting in $10.5B in short positions. Its most bearish stance against the region's stocks in two years. However, it is unknown whether Bridgewater’s shorts are outright bets against the stocks, or part of a hedge.

Dalio’s firm is generally bearish on the global economy and has already positioned itself against sell-offs in US Treasuries, US equities and both US and European corporate bonds.
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big gas/energy problems incoming for europes industry
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@mavix 100%. According to WSJ, the companies Bridgewater is shorting belong to the Euro Stoxx 50 Index. The below website provides us with more details and is compliant with WSJ article.
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Big bet, I wonder if they expect everything to fall and Europe to be at the center of the selloff, or if they expect just Europe to fall and the US to hold on.
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Such a good idea. Surprised of the position sizing though