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A new EV truck on the way.
Rivian is going to have some more competition.
Something important to business is customer relationship, especially for a smaller business, Rivian showed that they had that in 2022 after a recall and they took care of their customers efficiently.

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Looks sexy. RAM is only at concept stage now. The plan is to start selling in 2024. Countless execution steps - and risks - before investors can count on it. With current economic conditions, getting this project off the ground is even more difficult than the road Tesla has taken with Cybertruck (introduced in 2020 and going into production this year)

Rivian is still trying to ramp up production - not easy at all
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@consumeowntech It does look very nice, rolling them out next year would be nice compared to the long wait on the cybertruck. You are right though Rivian producing faster is gonna be the key to this stocks future, the demand is there but they have to produce more, especially after not meeting their 2022 target that was reduced by half. I just hope they find a way to work around the supply chain issues.
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@seasnar My husband and I own a Model Y, especially because we are both shareholders, but I am a bigger believer in $TSLA than he is. When we talked about getting a second car - which we do not need but he's American ;) - he wanted a Rivian SUV. I said no - I am Tesla all the way haha. Those Rivian vehicles look nice though - their headlights are rad !
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@consumeowntech Tesla is great and i've been eyeing them a bit especially now, but I am sticking with the underdog, I like Rivian, especially the SUV! Hoping for a strong future for them, I think right now is the most important time for that company, if they can get through today they will blossom tomorrow.
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I know Rivian has had a lot of delays, I'd assume it will be pretty hard for RAM to get ramped up in a timely manner. But that is the case for everyone, including the Tesla Cybertruck!
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@nathanworden Yes sir the chips and batteries holding everyone back still, I think Rivian is doing great for a newcomer though in the tough environment. With a new factory on the way next year they just need to keep pushing forward and once they are in a better environment they'll do great I think.



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