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Latin America produces 67% of the world's 8.1M tonnes of Avocados. Mexico alone produces 30% or 2.4M tonnes per year.

Did you know you can invest directly in an Avocado company called Mission Produce? $AVO
  • Has anyone ever looked into this business/industry? If so, I am curious to hear your thoughts!

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Great video on the industry here. Really an incredible story that has me wondering what the 'next avocado' could be.

It was insightful to learn how eager restaurants are to incorporate avocados to the menu as it is a simple way to increase margins, just like the option of adding bacon to your sandwich. Also, illuminating to see how grocery stores experience relatively little waste since all avocados are ugly which makes them less prone to being cosmetically damaged.

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@pat_connolly thanks Pat, definitely going to give that video a watch! It’s a fascinating industry, no doubt.
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Thank goodness for Latin America and Mexico. I eat so many avocados 🥑 🥹
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@nathanworden same here! $COST always has the best avocados I have found
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I have 6 2 yr. old avocado plants, takes about 6-10 years to fruit so no easy task! No guarantee of harvest either if grown directly from the seed or not spliced with another fruit-bearing tree. Makes sense on why the fruit is priced higher than others
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@hedgevision wow I never knew that. Yeah they definitely aren’t cheap, but when companies can grow them at scale they would have significant margins on them
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@hedgevision wow didn't know it takes 6-10 years to fruit.
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@rihardjarc Patiently waiting for mine to fruit, a long term investment for sure 😂
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@hedgevision "forced" long term investor :D
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Hah nice, thanks for sharing, fun and insightful.