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Following on from my $BYND "long shot" post (https://commonstock.com/memo/781da63a-eb14-4e4e-bfe2-32e304de2046) it looks as though this might just work...
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McDonalds has rolled out plant based menu items more slowly than Burger King and others.

I think that’s the right move since a change like this effects everything from supply chains, to prices, to target customer.

Best to see if consumer demand for plant based burgers sticks around.

Takeaway: Beyond Meat will have to earn their spot on the McDonalds menu. Don’t expect McDonalds to expand on the 6 stores in the test without very positive results. If they add stores trying this out, might be worth adding to $BYND

I have no position in either $MCD or $BYND
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I don't normally pick a vegetarian option if I can have a normal burger but calling it the "McPlant" is an absolute shocker! I bet someone got paid a small fortune for that, too.

I found out today that McDonald's announced and has been trialling this in selected stores in the UK since 29th September, an additional 250+ yesterday, and nationwide in 2022.

When you compare the timings of the announcements and subsequent rollout period with the chart action, it really enforces the core tenet of technical analysis that the price at any one time reflects the publicly available fundamental and business information.
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^That's a great real world example of how the market processes information.
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Also, sidenote- @tecantra is one follower away from unlocking 'Follower Assets' on your profile page! 🥳

Nice work with all the great posts! Looking forward to chatting with you and @gkotak later today!



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