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Temperature check - i have to say i am the latter, but want peoples take...
mind often heads here in precipitous sell offs, but.....
Is bitcoin a ponzi scheme fuelled by the feds zero interest rate policy or a legitimate store of value that will hit USD$100k in the future?
56%it's a ponzi
43%totally legit
16 VotesPoll ended on: 06/15/22
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Totally legit ponzi.

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I think it does solve a genuine problem in society, but I am not sure that it's all that necessary. Companies that serve the "unbanked" can do just as good a job.
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@investmenttalk I am big believer, and as ever, conviction much higher when it's gapping up! but there are very legitimate concerns which always return when it's heading south at 1000mph...the psychology of investing!!
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I treat it as a heavy risk on asset that is impacted mostly by Fed liquidity more than anything. It has NEVER been through a recession so if we go through that, it could change my stance but for now I think we could see 11k then 50k+ again.
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Legit, but not without its flaws, risks, and scammers. Down markets are humbling, but there is something special here.
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Especially in times like these, a way to actually own your assets is fantastic. I stay long.
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I would say totally ligit ponzi