Very bullish tomorrow.

While we did not get the 1% day I was expecting - we did get a green day on $QQQ. I’m expecting a major Green Day tomorrow from the FOMC. All indicators are showing we could see a major pop tomorrow.

The 1hr bullish divergence from the post below is still very active and strong. 1-2% Green Day tomorrow.
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$QQQ is definitely at a critical place on my daily time frame chart, a major support level, if it closes below the low of the first candle that closed below the horizontal white line (mondays candle), I would consider that a trend change from up to down, right now I consider the daily chart to be in an up trend believe it or not. Also, I consider the doji candle here (todays candle) a bullish one, considering it is at what I consider to be a major support level.
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@etfs Bullish Harami Daily candle 👍