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Portfolio changes - update 13
Hey fam! Yesterday, I made a bunch of new changes to my portfolio:

  • Sold out of $PATH and instead will have an exposure to RPA market via $MSFT and it's Power Automate product, which btw is growing like crazy, their whole Power package is growing 72% YoY on 2B TTM revenues, which is just mindblowing.

Here, from their last earnings call:

  • I still think $PATH is an awesome company, though at this point in time I prefer platforms with multiple products and I just don't feel like $PATH fulfills that, so there's that. Though like I said, I'll still have exposure through Power Automate from Microsoft which is also in this leader category based on Gartner's rankings so I'm comfortable doing it this way, with fewer holdings.
  • Instead, I decided to add to my $MSFT (again 😂😂), $PLTR and $HUBS

What are you doing? Are you buying? And if so, let me know what, I'm interested!
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At what price did you buy into $PATH Sam ?
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@joeyhirendernath I can't seem to find the exact numbers now, but I believe I initiated somewhere in the low 30s and then mostly built up my position in the 20s, even had some buy under 20 if I remember correctly.
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$PATH has a tiny amount of debt and huge cash reserves. Knowing that, would an investor be more patient with UiPath's journey?
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@dissectmarkets they do. I'm not disputing that. I didn't sell because I believe fundamentals deteriorated either. All I'm basically trying to achieve throughout this whole series of changes could be summed up like this:

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Great transparity! Nothing wrong with adding to companies you have a great long term vision with!