The Start of My Covered Call Empire
I recently reached a position of 100 shares in AT&T ($T). 100 shares means that I can sell covered calls to collect the option premium. Meaning my position now has two streams of income for me; dividends and premium!

I sold a call with $20 strike price and maturity of 1/20/2023 for a $3. That option expired worthless today, netting me a 100% gain!

$3 is hardly anything. However, if I can manage to do this regularly and improve on when I sell and at what strikes, I could bump up that income per written call and use that cash to grow my portfolio faster.

$T is my first 100 share position, but there will be many more coming! Next ones I want are $INTC, $CMCSA, and $ALLY.

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This is awesome, well done!
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Congrats, just be careful!
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Do you have to worry about dividend poaching when writing covered calls on a dividend payer like $T?
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@tomato yes it is something to consider. Really it should have too much of an affect unless the expiration date lands on or near an exdiv date or a dividend pay date though



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