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I very much doubt this.
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@devinlasarre I agree. Based on all his interviews and commentary I find it really tough to believe Zuck would give in to external pressure. And he’s given zero hints at wanting to resign himself, so seems like a stretch.
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@investedthought @devinlasarre I agree, would be so out of left field.
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@investmenttalk Meta head of coms just confirmed it to be false (on Twitter)
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@devinlasarre You got their handle? Thank god
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@investmenttalk It's worth noting how overwhelming the reaction was to the fake leak. 99.9% of people were cheering. Sentiment matters. Something to think about.
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@devinlasarre maybe they leaked a potential resignation to gauge the sentiment?
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He's taking a sabbatical to be in the Metaverse for while
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@investedthought @buyingyourtime moving house must be nice in VR
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Crisis averted

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The unfortunate thing is the stock went up when the news hit and then promptly reversed when it was denied. Ouch
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@karan10489 Unsurprising reaction given what the stock has done over the past year and why. I wonder if they think that a better operator could build the Metaverse more efficiently?
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@tomato I doubt anyone is thinking too deeply given how volatile the stock has been this year
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Given how ambitious Zuck is we are probably still quite a long away from Zuck resigning. Will definetly be and end of a big era once it happens.