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If you remember 1 or 2 quarters ago $TTD stock was crushed after earning due to the first impacts from IDFA. Many sold. Strong management teams generally find solutions to these types of industry wide challenges which is the case for $TTD. Long term focused investors will generally be rewarded.
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I remember... but I waited to sell until about four days ago. Today is a terrible day for me 😔

@tim_esteben is in the same boat with me
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At least I have someone to commiserate with 😭

@ryanm what would you say the solution management found to IDFA? Is Unified ID 2.0 technology the silver bullet?
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@ryanmNovember 8
I have not listened to the earning call yet but I am assuming that could be it. What I do believe with these types of regulatory situations is it generally benefits the largest most established Adtech brands like $TTD as the smaller players can have a difficult time operating in this environment.



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