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Shop till you drop!

Trying to practice what I preach and did some DCA buying today into some of my existing positions I feel are on sale or I’m trying to add some weight to in my portfolio
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$COIN is definitely a great pickup
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@sidnistandard thanks to you! And same for $RBLX
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Well done, @strib! Had you been buying on dips since you started investing? I think getting comfortable with buying on dips takes practice—an investor has to have a few laps of that feedback loop and see for themselves the confirmation that although it might have felt like a stab in the dark, it was the right time to buy after all.
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@tomato I wish I did at the beginning lol it certainly takes practice. I think dollar cost averaging is the way to go for me and a lot of retail investors would benefit from it as well. So many people get spooked on a dip and sell into fear. Everyone knows the old trope “be greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy..” if I were to tweak it I would say “be greedy when others are fearful. Be confident and patient when others are greedy.”
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@tomato basically this! I know I’m no good at timing but I’m great at giving the market time!