The one subscription I probably will never cancel is $SPOT (no position).

Maybe $NFLX, but any savvy internet user can find Netflix’s entire catalog online easily.

I could say the same for Spotify songs being available on Youtube, but who wants to listen to ads every 2 songs.

Would love to hear what subscriptions everyone has and how much utility you think it provides ⛽️
Samuel Meciar's avatar
I'm currently subscribed to Netflix and Tidal, then Discord Nitro for some extra perks and support of the platform. Just enough for me 😃
Hedge Vision's avatar
@sammeciar Solid lineup! I don’t use Discord enough to warrant a sub but I definitely see where you’re coming from
.Yegor's avatar
As a $SPOT shareholder I like to hear that 😉
Nathan Worden's avatar
I just cancelled my AppleTV+ subscription. Still have Disney+. Amazon Prime has me pretty locked in. Adobe Creative cloud also has me paying for the whole suite of creative tools every year 🙃
Hedge Vision's avatar
@nathanworden Ah I completely forgot about Prime! Hard to ignore those trucks these days
Ayesha Tariq, CFA's avatar
I have Prime, Netflix, Apple Music. You’re right about the music, plus I listen in my car so YouTube isn’t a great option. We don’t have Disney+ here but surely I would if we did.
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@ayeshatariq Same as well, music in the car is a must for me and free Youtube doesn’t cut it
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Spotify and Amazon Prime. Both feel worthwhile since I use them all the time. Fragmentation of video streaming has been a bit frustrating, though. Used to be Netflix had everything in 2015 and now you need two or three services.



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