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Excited for earnings season!

I'm most interested in the banks reporting at the end of the week - what about you?
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I love earnings season. But maybe in a counter intuitive way (a) I love getting a macro perspective on what CEOs are saying about economy, key trends. @awallis has a great blog summarizing this - I'll be looking closely at what bank CEOs say about their business and the economy (b) I often end up buying companies that drop 5-10% since they missed earnings by 1 cent, but my core thesis is intact and yes every now and then a company I own jumps by 20%. That's pretty nice as well.
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I hate earnings periods! They can ruin perfectly good chart patterns, dump below Stop Losses only to bounce back 5 minutes later, and hit Take Profits before you have time to let them run.

I've not been trading long enough really to form a proper opinion about them and it's interesting to see how things react to them.
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@patwallenOctober 12
My back button doesn’t work ever
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Ah sorry @patwallen thanks for helping us discover this bug! We've got a fix on the way and should be coming in the next release, sorry for the annoyance!
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@patwallenOctober 15
@mcd all good- just flagging. Got an email burning in your inbox



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