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Nvidia GTC Keynote
Nvidia GTC CEO Keynote Summary ICYMI

  • New GeForce RTX 4090 and 4080 (Huge increase graphics-wise.)
  • Nvidia Drive Thor is its next-generation superchip, based on the Hopper GPU architecture, paired with the Nvidia Grace CPU.
  • Nvidia Drive Concierge: a complete in-vehicle infotainment system.
  • Omniverse Cloud and Nvidia’s Graphics Delivery Network: Omniverse Cloud was announced earlier this year as Nvidia’s complete suite of cloud services for people building out the future of the metaverse — without the need for all that performance in your actual computer. New additions to the suite of services include the robotics simulation application, Nvidia Isaac Sim, as well as the autonomous vehicle simulation,
Nvidia Drive Sim.
  • Many more announcements such as two new large language models, the NeMo API for
natural language AI applications, and BioNeMo for applications in chemistry and

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This day was so very much needed. It validated so many things for nvidia holders well at least for me. Jensen is the best ceo on the planet. They way nvidia can innovate and the way he thinks is top notch. These new products are amazing and exactly what we needed. Sounded still very confident in the gaming sector so liked to hear that. And lemme tell you Nvidia Omniverse cloud is absolutely amazing. One of my favorite things that was announced. Meta and all these other people so worried about metaverse meanwhile nvidia is legit behind the scenes building it. Outstanding. This conference solidified why I hold nvidia even more. So excited for the future just have to get past all these inventory problems and then we ride!
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@christian7621 Lots of positives but in the short term the company still has a lot of headwinds.

Meta and Nvidia work together + no one company is building the metaverse

LT thesis is still intact
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@couch_investor a lot of positives and of course there’s short term headwinds. Like you said though long term thesis still intact. Well I meant like nvidia is more building the things you don’t really see. Of course there will be plenty of metaverse players I just think nvidia don’t get enough credit for metaverse and AI
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@christian7621 I think there's a reason they are so highly valued ;)