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My Watchlist:
This is half my watchlist. I think I go a little crazy researching names. And this list might look totally different once I'm done with the reading. 🙃

I put $COIN on the list after the Market Stock pitch by @rihardjarc. He made a compelling case!

Some of these such as $VTR $BLDR $PEAK $MOH have to do with the bi-partisan bill.

$CCRN and $CLH are two companies that are very similar to clients I'm working with right now.

$LLY because I sold all my pharma and I'm looking to add.
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I was pretty surprised last time I ordered some apparel that a site running on $SHOP was offering me to pay through "Coinbase Commerce"... definitely looking interesting!
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That's pretty cool @samlikesstocks!!
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@samlikesstocks I did not know that. Makes it an even more interesting target. But price is iffy right now and I’d like it to settle a bit.
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https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/717432574766743644/911974849340133406/unknown.png?width=476&height=317 adding a concrete screenshot just out of curiosity :) and yeah, price could come down a bit even more so when we entered this state of market it seems like.



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