My $0.02 on Sanderson Farms, Inc. $SAFM #NotAdvice
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Great piece— was fun to learn about their fortress balance sheet. Was surprised they have 8 analysts covering them. And I appreciated the thoughts about how a share repurchase program is a possibility— which isn’t priced into the current valuation.

I also appreciate getting to the end of a write up and hearing that the other thinks the stock is a pass.

If you’re doing things right, then the majority of stocks are a pass. Sometimes people have a hard time writing about stocks that they don’t take action on. But it’s great to build up your familiarity of many businesses so that when one does look ready, you already have a working knowledge of it and can act.

Thanks for the piece Eric
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Thanks for reading Nathan. I try to do a write up every week, so most end up being a pass!



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