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$366m follower assets
Hit a VERY COOL milestone today! Made the 1YR top 10 Follower $ Leaderboard... Next up: the All Time Leaderboard 😊

Truly an honor to be a part of the CS growth.

Appreciate all of you who engage with me here regularly! πŸ™

You guy's make me better every day.

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Congrats Parrot! You deserve it!
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@nathanworden I don't know about deserve... but thank you Nathan!
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Wow congrats! πŸŽ‰
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@dk.usinvestor Thank you!
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Fantastic, @parrot! For anyone who doesn't know, you can find this by clicking on Trending on the left-side nav and then you scroll down a little bit
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@tomato Thanks Joshua! I'm just glad people find value in my thoughts and posts. 😊

And thanks for letting everyone know where to find the chart πŸ™
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Big milestone!
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@investmenttalk IT IS! Thanks Conor πŸ™πŸ™

I remember when @austin took over 1st by a couple hundred thousand, and I threatened to unfollow him to put @mcd back on top 🀣🀣
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Thanks my friend! πŸ™



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