Scoreboard Buy of the Week - Taxable Brokerage
I was again over my 2% cash position at the end of last week, so it was time to make another buy. Here are the details:
Ticker: $PEP
Account: Taxable
Date: 1/23/23
Qty: 1 share
Price: $170.15
Avg. Cost Basis: $160.28
Div Yield: 2.62%
Div/FCF: 87.7%
EPS: $6.99
P/E: 24.3
Scorecard: 4.5/6
  • vs S&P - +1. Average Cost Basis is up 1.57% on the Market.
  • FCF - +0.5. Dividend to FCF is 87.70%.
  • Conviction - +1. High. Pop and snacks, man.
  • Dividend - 0. 2.62%. Less than Portfolio Average is 2.71% & 95th percentile is 4.91%.
  • Weighting - +1. Underweight sector (CPG Food) and individual holding.
  • P/E - +1. P/E 24.3 < 25
PADI increased from $469.68 to $474.13
Some other notes:
  • 3rd buy of $PEP since starting position on 12/29/2020
  • Last buy of $PEP was one year ago on 1/24/22
  • $PEP is now the 7th largest holding in this portfolio
  • $PEP held tie-breaker over $CARR and $T for having a better Cost Base performance vs the S&P.
This buy will put me significantly under my target cash position, so it might be a while until my next buy. This buy has not affected the top of my Scorecard, so unless there are significant changes, $PEP will most likely be my next buy as well.
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Buying, things you love to see :)
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@investmenttalk yessir! Hope to be buying a lot more in ‘23
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$PEP has been on my list for some time now. Currently trying to "clean up" my portfolio to create more cash availability to make the jump to buy it. Just sold all my $SQ last week and used some of that to add to my $JNJ and $AMZN positions. The clean up continues...

Love the $PEP buys though, keep it up!
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@acb123 I’ll be doing a lot of consolidating this year as well. $PEP will be a position I will keep and keep adding to!



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