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$18.3m follower assets
Approaching 100 subscribers after launching Invariant just a week ago.
Focused on finance, I write as part of my research process and to find clarity in my thoughts. I want things to make sense. Substack makes it easy to connect with others who want the
same. Big thanks to @investmenttalk and @youngmoneycapital for the support on here.

If you're curious but skeptical of a lot of the info out in the world and also enjoy valuation and stories tying in art and history, you'll like Invariant:

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Subbed! Good luck on the Substack adventure, it's a fun one
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Cool, will check it out!
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Wow, that's great progress for just a week!
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@carterkilmann Thanks Carter. Appreciated.
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Awesome! How long had you been writing prior to starting your Substack?
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@scorebdinvestor I've obsessively taken notes for a long time. That shifted into writing for myself in private. Figured this was the next logical step.