Poker Chip Updates ( pics)
So as some might know or not know, the Mom picks basically guide me every two weeks to which 2-4 stocks get more of the biweekly deposits invested into them.
since we are at 27 stocks, 3 colors of chips now have 7 each and yellow is still at 6. Next stock when I finally pick one by tomorrow will be a yellow poker chip. The colors of the chips represent nothing significant at all and just have multiple colors for variety.

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This is very interesting, how did you this come to be? I didn’t know about this story. Care to tell? Or link to where it’s explained
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@from100kto1m ok.. it actually started cause I tried to get my very young niece involved while she was here for the summer a few years ago. I wanted to start teaching her about money and math, so the school work she learned all year did not go to waste. She loves math. So I was putting names in a hat and letting her pick the stocks. I started teaching her how to invest. So after she spent the summer, I asked my mother if she would like to continue with as MOM picks.
so basically I put 200 dollars in my ROTH IRA every two weeks.
25 dollars to each MOM Pick 50
25 to MSFT I have designated MSFT as my true Anchor stock.
the other 125 goes to all other stocks in 5 dollar increments.
once the stock becomes a MOM pick, it is not retuned to the bag until all stocks have been picked. I picked poker chips cause I was tired of the little piece of paper being folded and needing to be rewritten constantly. Hope this makes some sense , if still too vague we can definitely discuss more.
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@from100kto1m also Microsoft is never in the bag for my MOM picks, it is the only stock guaranteed to get the 25 each pay period. I also have other small guidelines that I try to follow as much as possible. Like 10% of all other deposits should go to MSFT. Also I set investing goals for the year. For example, I had a goal of getting my KO to 1,000 dollars for 2022. When I consolidated some stocks the last few months and plugged that money into the remaining stocks, it pushed KO to my goal. I am unsure if I should stop investing in a stock for the calendar year once the goal is reached. I am forever trying new things and moving around a bit.
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@frankieciv608 that’s actually pretty interesting was of getting people involved and teaching about investing. Pretty cool 👍