Bubbles popping history, great chart ...

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Would be interested to see this but the Y axis being total market value.
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@reasonableyield I guess that would ruin the chart by stretching it too much or so and scaling ... just a guesstimate :)
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Got to love mean reversions. Although is their one for Bitcoin
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Poor Thailand 🥲🥲🥲 them and Chin being the only countries on the graph 💀
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I know @valuabl would love this chart being the author of "The Little Book of Big Bubbles".
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Bubbles don’t reinflate when they pop though…perhaps i’m being picky with semantics here but tulips for example- a bubble. They’ve never revisited remotely the same price point as they once were. Bitcoin, however, has reinflated every time it’s fallen- like clockwork. A log scale suggests a very different story. Just food for thought…