Update on the February Calls I bought for Roku back on 11/2:

They're up 254% today on the news of Youtube staying on Roku.

But overall they're down 67%...

A learning: Timing is important in options. And timing is hard 😵‍💫🙃

This is why I generally have the opinion that 'timing is gambling.'

Options are a great tool but you should be sure to have more of a thesis than simply "I'm gambling here" (or keep your position size very small)

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Still learning a lot about how much options prices move relative to stock price. You can see from the screenshot that at 17% move in $ROKU stock translated to a 254% move in the options price.
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I've done well buying very deep in the money calls expiring years out—especially in a market environment like this! Buying LEAPS allows plenty of time for the thesis to play out and more or less takes out that "timing" variable.
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@tomato love that strategy! What’s an example of a company you took this option approach on?
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Just sold Dec '21 $130 calls on $RACE that I bought in February 2020 with the stock around $160



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