Credit Where It’s Due
I came across these guys while studying beginner content available on podcasts. One of them was a guest on the “Investing for Beginners” podcast, introduced me to his podcast there, and then the business he started too. I’ll provide a link to both because I think it’s quality common sense material. If you know Bert & Ernie, one of their voices will trigger flashbacks, but the material seems good so far.

The primary reason I am sharing his website and giving his business a shout out is because it is very difficult to find long-term historical trends of financial ratios that Buffett, Lynch, & Greenblatt tell me I should care about.

I started this journey dirt poor a decade ago and pride myself on finding information for free so that I can continue preaching to people that anyone can do this. You do not need money to make money in the stock market, outside of your investment capital. $0.50-$2.00 books from Goodwill will suffice. There is a fair amount of information available free for users and then obviously, if you want to be a paying customer, there is a pile of financial analytics. I analyze business performance and nothing else, so sites like this are a gold mine to me. Any fundamental investors will love the website and the podcasts good too🤙

The Canadian Investor


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Tools like this, as well as TIKR and Koyfin, are awesome for retail investors and at affordable prices :)
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@investmenttalk oooh never heard of them. Apps or websites?
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Great resources!
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Thanks for sharing these resources Eric :)

Have you used Finviz before ?