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$1.9m follower assets
Just because this is one of the most incredible things I’ve seen. Thoughts? He’d pay less than what the dems bill proposes, get people off his back and on to the next richest person’s, and practically top $TSLA .

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Elon pushing unimaginable boundaries that I think we will read about (and they will be taught about) in some distant future

(Maybe not so distant)

I think at this point SEC should just quit their jobs if they are not going to do anything about him

Idk I’m really indifferent at this point and just blocked him to just not get it in my feed
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@anonroseNovember 7
2m votes, highest I’ve ever seen. Personally I did vote for him to sell but purely because I don’t have a Tesla position and I want to see if he will.
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Poll is over and according to the outcome, Musk should sell.



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