Lofty AI 🏠 Big News
Hello fellow investors,
We have great news from the platform:

πŸͺ™ Lofty Wallet
A few weeks ago, they introduced the possibility of avoiding any external algorand wallet and managing everything on the website. This is a major shift to make the process of investing simpler.

πŸ” Secondary Market
Last week they dropped the bomb! Now we can trade our property on the secondary market. This is a major improvement. We can now buy and sell anytime we want, according to market conditions.

As usual, I deep dive into these two new features, showing how to switch to the new Lofty Wallet and place orders in the market.

If you invest in Lofty, let me know your thoughts. πŸ‘
Joey Hirendernath's avatar
@fatcatinvesting enjoys using Lofty too so would love to hear his experience of these two new features :)
Stanley's avatar
@joeyhirendernath - I switched over to the new Lofty wallet with no issues. Being able to see the shares right in the app is a definite +.

I did see the announcement for the secondary market, and looked, but have not tried to use it yet so can’t soeak to how efficient it is - I can only hope it is better than the Landa secondary market.
Luka πŸ¦‰'s avatar
@fatcatinvesting for the moment is still in beta and needs improvement, but its a great start