Where do Americans get their news?
Pew Research just released their latest Factsheet for US social media usage for news-related purposes. The data shows that of the 70% of respondents who claim to get news from social media, the likes of Twitter $TWTR, Facebook $META, Reddit and YouTube $GOOGL have fallen slightly. Twitter & Facebook still remain clear leaders.

Interestingly, it is TikTok that shows the most growth in adoption, with 33% of regular social media users getting their news from the site, up from 22% in 2020.

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Here is a more granular view across a range of demographics.

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Neil's avatar
That TikTok line is scary
Edmund Simms's avatar
Fascinating data. Particularly the gender gaps on Reddit and Nextdoor, and the education gap on LinkedIn.
Conor Mac's avatar
@valuabl yea pretty interesting, few points in there that surprises me.
Joshua Simka's avatar
LOL at Nextdoor... And interesting that demographically the political divide is most evenly split on that one. I thought the TikTok portion was scary. But looking at Snapchat and the 67% of responders in the 18-29 age group makes me wonder what exactly people think "news" is!
Adam (Moneyball Investing)'s avatar
Pretty interesting to see the inverse relationship b/w TikTok and YT/Instagram. YT/Instagram have both essentially copied TikTok's short form video strategy, yet TikTok is seeing exponentially more adoption. Another reason why this is interesting is bc, as you say, Conor, FB remains a leader and FB owns Instagram. And yet Instagram isn't necessarily capturing the same audience.
Emmet Barta's avatar
so what your saying is social media lies , is what people call news scary
Conor Mac's avatar
@sfcbemmet I think the term "news" is quite loose here.
Dissecting the Markets's avatar
I'm surprised that Twitter is downtrending. Also, the slight uptick on IG as a platform where people get their news is something I didn't expect either.

As for Snapchat, they're the place where people can read WSJ articles for free, but it seems like not many are taking advantage of that.
Conor Mac's avatar
@dissectmarkets It's quite weird (Twitter) nobody in my social circle at home uses it. It's pretty dinosaur to most young people.

I didn't know you get free WSJ articles on Snap, that's awesome. Is that a partnership?
Dissecting the Markets's avatar
@investmenttalk I'm not sure. I remember that back when I use to have Snapchat, the only reason why I would be going on the app was because of the fact that I read WSJ articles for free there (only a few articles a day).
Rihard Jarc's avatar
Honestly no idea how you can get news via TikTok. What kind of news is that?
Joshua Simka's avatar
@rihardjarc The headlines on this kind of news go like: "These 5 foods from Disneyland made me 💩"
Rihard Jarc's avatar
@tomato or that scary blue chicken frying thing :D
peter huang's avatar
如果是金融新闻 是不是需要浏览一些专业的网站 类似于 commonstock?谢谢
Conor Mac's avatar
@peterloves77 we don’t support non-english text at the moment, so i don’t know what this says, sorry.