Green Day for $QQQ Tomorrow
$QQQ is showing a falling wedge with bullish divergence. I told my community to get long or sell puts end of day today. I’m expecting a 1% up day on $QQQ tomorrow.

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Interesting, il be watching just out of pure interest. I'm always amazed by people who can spot these things
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@emf there’s a good follow on Twitter AdamMancini he only trades ES Futures. Very interesting stuff. One that I want to watch today out of curiosity is he says that a lot of the time after these fed announcements or events the market makes a quick move one way to basically takeout the masses in a fake then reverses the opposite way. I don’t like the idea of 24/5 trading hence why I don’t participate in crypto but it’s all interesting.
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@emf Welcome Derek. Hope to win your follow if this plays out :)
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@irish Yes the first move after The Fed announcement has been the wrong move the past few meetings.
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@irish thanks, seems very transparent. Let's coax him onto CS